Saturday, October 2, 2010

UTAG Fall Event 2010 Fillmore, Utah

     We decided that we wanted to go to the UTAG Fall Event 2010 since our first event went so well. So we made arrangements with Grandma to watch Journey for the day. She has so much fun when we go caching, and she really enjoyed her self at "Bust Your Melons", but this was a long way from home and we weren't sure how she would do.
     So, our usual stop first, Carl's Jr for some nummy biscuits and gravy... Mmmm, a piece of home ;) Then on to Filmore we go! No time for cachin' on the way, we didn't want be late. 
NvrNdinJurny & BroncoDan
     We had an awesome time meeting new cachers and finally putting faces to names. ScenerySeeker was kind enough to go around and take everyone's picture and then add their name to the caption on the Gallery. I still didn't know everyone's face, but I knew many of the names. So it was nice to get to see them all together in the Gallery. So, thank you Mrs. ScenerySeeker!
     We were able to get some pictures too while were there. My all time favorite has to be one that I snuck off to take.
Jac0b's Bug Collection
This is what happens when you drive from cache to cache to event to cache
     Marcupio brought 8 boxes of SWAG to the event. That has to be the most SWAG from one person ever to be at a cache! Everyone dove in looking for goodies to add to their caches. Some even found containers to make new caches with! Marcupio said he left with only 5 boxes, so we hope we did you proud in our SWAG collecting! Below are some pictures of cachers wadding through the boxes looking for the perfect items to add to their collections...


      After much eating, it was time to sign the log. Little did we know that we were going to have to "PROVE" that we fit to be cachers. Bonolo came up with this awesome obstacle course for signing the log. I have to admit, everyone there either gave a very good try, succeeded, or laughed their butts off at everyone else. Her a some shots of the course.
BroncoDan looking for the Micro
Round and Round we go!
BroncoDan signing the Log 

BroncoDan finishing the course!

RootieSart running with a spoon
NvrNdinJurny got a lil dizzy!
So dizzy she could barely walk...
But she managed to finish the course! Beating BroncoDan...
Dr Jay taking a turn with the broom

Round and Round Jac0b goes
Will he make hit with the spoon?
Jac0b signing the Log!
There are more pictures you can see by visiting the Cache Gallery

     All in all, this was a very fun event. We enjoyed the friends we made, the food we ate, and the brooms we spun. Can't wait to get to another caching event near us. Or maybe one not so near.
No Jac0b, this MY bag of SWAG!
Dr Jay's TB
NvrNdinJurny & BroncoDan's Bag of SWAG
UTAG Group Photo


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